So what has been added recently ...
27th March - A few photos from around Rowledge have been added to the renamed "Around Farnham" page.
16th March - Another HRDC Track Day at Goodwood
13th March - Half dozen pictures around St Andrews Church have been included in the Farnham portfolio
12th March - Yet more Members' Meeting testing
10th March - Some pictures to the Frensham portfolio
9th March - CKL Test Day at Goodwood
6th March - A few new pictures to the Farnham portfolio
5th March - Another new Motor Sport addition - from a very, very wet Testing Day for the forth-coming Goodwood Members' Meeting
4th March - More motorsport and the HRDC (Historic Racing Drivers Club) Track Day at Goodwood
1st March - A visit to near Burtion, near Petersfield for the Walsingham Trial a sporting trial from the 750MC has been added to Motor Sport
28 February - Some additional pictures to the London portfolio

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